In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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  •  receive more attention & supervision than it would if home alone 23½ hours a day
  •  be comfy in all weather conditions with experienced and trained caregivers
  •  have plenty of space and privacy from other cat guests in individual 3-level cabins
  •  be secure in a “cabin” designed to foil feline escape artists!
  •  have the use of a personal scratching post
  •  be pampered & spoiled in a manner that your cat has become accustomed
  •  enjoy soft music & comforting aromatherapy (and NO barking!)
  •  have individual daily playroom and lap time
  •  have Maid Service for daily fresh litter & fresh water, and catered meals twice daily
  •  be monitored by a Veterinary Assistant on staff (no exposure to sick cats here!)
  •  be medicated, if necessary, for Diabetes, Thyroid, infections, etc.
  •  be safe from dogs, coyotes, and other outdoor critters
  •  be secure while you travel, move, or build/remodel your home
  •  return home with a souvenir cat toy (!)

. . . and YOUR home WILL NOT be destroyed by your

lonely, bored, or frightened cat!

“Frick” and “Frack” were only 4 months old when their owner very wisely (!)

boarded them at Hideout Cattery rather than giving them 23 ½ hours unsupervised

run of the house while she was away (a successful, busy Pet Sitter will only be able to allow a half hour at each stop). They were fun, very energetic, and since Hideout Cattery is kitten-proofed, they safely enjoyed their visit.

Benefits of Boarding at HIDEOUT CATTERY in OUR Home!