In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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These cats were VERY hard to handle when they boarded elsewhere. They were aggressively spitting and hissing, and when it came to cleaning their cage or even feeding them, it was a stressful ordeal for all. Putting these cats in their carrier resulted in claw scratches and bite wounds!

Now, boarding at Hideout Cattery in a homier environment, “JEZEBEL” has become the model sweetie cat. She jumps up from her naps to greet us and she comes out to play in the Playroom. She is quite the lady now and is as affectionate as her owners insisted she is at home.

“OAKLEY” just has a personality of wanting to be left alone and doesn’t trust anyone to touch him. He used to hiss and growl in warning so much that it would upset the cats in nearby cages. Now, at the Hideout Cattery, he has mellowed to the point where he will lick our finger---but still doesn’t want to be petted on his head. No more hissing and growling!


Some cats will definitely give you their opinion---loud and clear! We always check to see if there is a problem, empty water or food bowl, or a tipped over litter box. At Hideout Cattery, we play soft music, give them affection, and treats, and turn un-happy campers into pleasant guests.

We were hesitant at first to board “THUNDER” because we didn’t want our neighbors to complain---but we agreed to a trial visit. He would yowl long and loud until everyone had headaches. Turned out, in the home-like environment of Hideout Cattery, he settled down and never made a peep---except to purr! We asked the pet parents---who is this cat and what had they done with “Thunder?” His photo shows him happily playing on the cat tree near the window.

“LADY” is an indoor/outdoor cat who objected loudly to being confined at the Veterinary Clinic. In fact, she was so loud (due to her Siamese genes), the neighboring business sent someone over to be sure she wasn’t hurt! She just simply had to voice her complaint. Now, at Hideout Cattery, she has settled in to running the place to her satisfaction and has no complaints whatsoever.


There are always those cats that are timid even in their home environment---the ones that hide under the bed when someone comes to the door. Here at Hideout Cattery, we understand this personality trait and with patience and respect, have been able to create a safe feeling so that most eventually trust us enough to come out of their shell.

“TASMINE” always has to adjust to boarding---every single visit. She begins her stay hiding out in her cozy bed and hissing loud warnings to us. After a several days, she relaxes. Although she never feels comfortable cavorting in the Playroom, she lets us know she is happy by just acting goofy.

Sometimes a fearful cat isn’t afraid of us or his surroundings, but dominated by a bossy cat from the same household. “LICORICE” is still a youngster and rambunctious to the point of exasperation with his dominate roommate In this photo he was hiding out after she swatted him into submission. You can tell by his expression, he is just biding his time…

“REINA” is a rescued feral cat. She just doesn’t trust completely, but even she ventured out of her cabin to enjoy the window view from the cat tree. And, if we are polite about it, she will allow us to stroke her fur as we speak soft encouraging words. We are careful not to make any quick movements or she will quickly retreat to her cabin and hide in her bed.