In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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Tricia, as a trained Veterinary Assistant, can medicate and/or care for elderly cats; cats recovering from surgery; cats with diabetes; blind cats; deaf cats and cats that have chronic medical problems. The loving care is included in the rates, however, there is a small fee for medicating.

                         Meds mixed in food or Smear Ointments                             = $1.00 each

                         Pilling, Oral drops, or Thyroid Ointment                             = $3.00 each

                         Insulin injections                                                                       = $5.00 each

                         Special food preps                                                                      = $5.00 per serving


All boarded cats are spoiled with attention, affection, lap-time, chin scratches, ear rubs, and general petting---all with the acceptance by each individual cat. Of course, there is playtime, soft music, and aromatherapy (“feliway” pheromones). However, we do offer some extra services on request. These must be paid for at Check-In. If the cat does not wish to participate, the fee will be refunded.

Claw clip                                   = $5 per paw ($20 for all 4)

Brushing & Mat removal      = $10.00 per session
Massage (T-Touch)                = $10.00 per session

"The SPAW Service is what any pampered cat would expect!"


Pet parents who are boarding or have boarded their cat previously can receive brief advice and/or suggestions by phone or by email for FREE. Tricia is considered a cat behavior expert---see her “PeTalks with Tricia” monthly column in CODY LIVING magazine.  However, for more serious behaviors, she will make an appointment to visit your cat at your home in order to view the situation firsthand for a $60 per hour minimum.

Some of the issues she has been successful with are:

  •      Aggression to owner
  •      Growling & hissing at other family cats
  •      Adult cat suckling
  •      Claws shred furniture, carpeting, etc.
  •      Sprays urine on walls or furniture
  •      Misses litter box
  •      Poops behind couch
  •      Pees or poops on carpets, bed, or personal clothing
  •      Runs out door
  •      Chews on cords (elec., phone, computer)
  •      Cruises kitchen counters
  •      Too talkative---won’t stop
  •      Doesn’t drink enough water
  •      Plays too rough (bites & scratches)
  •      Outdoor cat won’t use indoor litter box
  •      Active and noisy at night
  •      Shy or fearful
  •      Your pregnancy and your cat
  •      Declawing
  •      Hairballs


Your cat photographed for a WANTED poster is a FREE gift when boarding at Hideout Cattery. One time, we heard back from a client thanking us for photographing their cat. Somehow they never got around to taking a picture of their cat and then shortly after boarding their cat with us, he got out of the house and was hit by a car. The photo we took of their cat while boarding was all they had to remember him.

Sometimes, pet parents want a more classic portrait of their cat which is best done by appointment at their home. The cat will be more relaxed allowing the portrait to show its personality to advantage.

Another fun portrait is the “Cody Country Cat-Lady Candids” program which Tricia has been developing. These are portraits of your cat AND you in the natural setting of your home using natural light. They can be classic portraits or candids showing you with your business or hobby and your cat as assistant.

Rates will depend on the request, time involved and photo package selected.