In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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Sometimes “Life Happens” and folks need a place to keep their cat until things can be sorted out…and sometimes these things take longer than just a week or two. For instance, we have boarded a cat for 6 months while the owner’s were building their dream house. They were able to stay with the in-laws, but one of the members of that family was allergic to cats! So we provided a relaxing, temporary home and the pet parents would come and visit their cat at the Cattery as often as they could.

And then there was the young woman who wanted to finish her degree at a University in Louisiana, so she boarded her two cats with us for 9 months so that she wouldn’t have to give her “kids” up while she was away.

Another couple left for England for a year on an exchange grant, but to take their cat with them meant he would have to be boarded in a small cage for the required British 6-month quarantine. Rather than put him through that or give him away, they opted to leave him with us. Of course, the Cattery rates were negotiated to the satisfaction of all. When they returned, we asked for “visiting privileges” as he had become part of our family too!  And yes, he recognized them and was obviously happy to see his pet parents again.

30-DAYS or 2 to 5 MONTHS or LONGER

If you need to leave your cat for 30-days; 2 to 5 months; or even 6 months to a year, we can extend “household privileges” to your cat in our home environment. We do not have a cat (!), so your cat would be treated as our own. Our house is set up with scratching posts, cat tree, toys, and litter box. Your cat would be allowed full run of the house, including sleeping on our bed with us (if this is permitted at its home). Of course, it would have TV lap-time.

Naturally, we especially open our home to a “favorite” cat who has boarded with us before. It knows us and we are familiar with its personality as well. If your cat has never boarded with us before, then we require that you board with us for a minimum of one week (7 days) or more, at normal rates, for a "familiarization" time both in the Cattery and in our home. Of course, this trial period is to be sure that both your cat and our home environment are a match. This must be done well before your departure.

                            "Tiger,” a purebred Maine Coon, boarded for

                             30 days and enjoyed “household privileges.”



           1.  Home boarding is for ONE cat only.

           2. Reservations must be made well in advance to be sure Cattery or our home is available.

           3. Owner provides all food or sets up a fund for replenishing the cat’s food supply.

           4. Cat must be current on shots (or arrangements are to be made for updating).

           5. A letter to your Veterinarian authorizing care (especially if owner is out of the country).

           6. Payment arrangements (credit card) must be made with your Veterinarian in advance.

           7. Owner must read and sign a Long-Term Boarding Contract.

DISCOUNTED RATES:  Paid in advance 

     Minimum 30 days

          1 cat = $20 per day ($5 off rate - Single Cabin w/Playroom @ $25 per day)

          2 cats = $25 per day ($5 off rate - Single Cabin w/Playroom @ $30 per day)

     Minimum 2 months – up to 5 months (monthly payments to be arranged)

          1 cat = $12 per day (or ½ rate of Single Cabin w/Playroom)

          2 cats = $15 per day (or ½ rate of Single Cabin w/Playroom)

     Minimum 6 months - up to 1 year (payment schedule to be arranged)

          1 cat = $8 per day (or 1/3 rate of Single Cabin w/Playroom)

          2 cats = $10 per day (or 1/3 rate of Single Cabin w/Playroom)

Note: If you return earlier than planned or extend your trip longer than planned,

the rates will be refigured from the start date and adjusted accordingly.

                                                         “Joey” boarded with us for a year and immediately claimed our

                                                             king-size bed as his own. What a cutie!---no wonder his pet

                                                        parents couldn’t bear to give him away while they were in England.

OTHER SERVICE RATES: (these fees are NOT discounted)

          * Meds Mixed in Food or smear ointments           = $1.00 each

          * Pilling, Oral drops, or Thyroid Ointment           = $3.00 each

          * Insulin injections                                                     = $5.00 each

          * Special Food Preps                                                  = $5.00 per serving

          * Cat Limo Service to/from Vet Clinic                    = $10 each way ($20 round trip)

Another long-term boarder, “Spicey,” earned her “household privileges” by helping us with our office work.