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"We had an indoor/outdoor cat that wandered off because no one was home.

She must have felt abandoned because we never found her.”

“The teenager we hired forgot to come by to feed/water our cat---new boyfriend.”

“The neighbor didn’t recognize that our cat had an abscess. Our cat was near death

when we got home.”

“During our move to the new house, the cat ran off and hid in all the confusion.

We had to leave without him.”

“The neighbor kid just thought the cat wasn’t hungry. He left the same canned

food out, and didn’t notice that it was full of maggots. She nearly starved to death.”

“Our cat slipped out, was “found” and taken to the Shelter. He was held there

for 72 hours and then put down. We found out after we got back from our vacation.”

“My sister just thought our cat was timid and hiding somewhere. Turns out he

had slipped out the door unnoticed and when she went to drive off, she ran over him. We still have a strained relationship.”

“A friend of ours was going to be gone for 3 weeks so he asked if he could leave
his cat with us. We have two cats, but they seemed to get along, so we agreed. Then OUR two cats started spraying and marking everywhere, even long after the guest cat left. Our NEW 2-story house smelled awful. I cleaned the carpets, furniture, & walls with every pet product on the market. Finally, we had to replace the carpeting and treat the floors (thousands of dollars). But my two cats still marked. I called in a Cat Behaviorist and we resolved the behavior. It would have been cheaper and much less stressful to have paid for our friend’s cat to be boarded!”

“I left my cat for 7 days with plenty of food and water, but somehow, he knocked

over the little bookcase in the bathroom---it hit the tub faucet and water

started filling up the tub. I got home just in time before it overflowed.”

“My niece didn’t really check on the cat when she came by. My cat had caught

his collar on an old bed spring. He was really dehydrated.”

“We hired a House Sitter since we were leaving the country for a business trip. A friend

of a friend told us about her and she seemed okay, but we didn’t know about the boyfriend. Long story short, we came home (Evergreen, Colorado) to find our house burned to the ground! Our 2 cats had been trapped inside---they must have died a horrible death. Turns out the boyfriend was experimenting with drugs (meth lab) in our home. We pressed charges, but we are still devastated. Our ‘things’ were insured and replaceable, but we both are heartsick about the loss of our cats”

“We took our cat over to my family’s house at Christmas because I was too late

for a reservation anywhere. They have two dogs and a cat and love animals, but my cat freaked out and slipped out the door. A neighbor finally found her and I got her back, but she had to have some expensive Veterinary care.”

HORROR STORIES . . . You Really Do Get What You Pay For!

Over the years, we have heard amazing cat stories, but the ones that are most shocking are the ones that tell of what happened after the cat owner asked the neighbor, the kid next door, a friend or even relatives to take care of their cat while they were gone.


. . . or Why these Pet Parents NOW choose to Board their Cat

instead of asking the neighbor . . .