In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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Q.  My cat is an indoor cat. My Vet says she doesn’t need shots.

          Wyoming Law requires Rabies vaccination---an indoor cat can slip outdoors and be at risk. We require the

          FVRCP vaccination because it protects your cat from possible upper respiratory (airborne) infections. Any quality

          boarding facility will require proof of this vaccination for all boarding cats.


Q.  My cat doesn’t like other cats. I am afraid this will stress him out.

          We understand that each cat considers itself the center of the Universe and gets quite put-out when another cat

          appears.  For that reason, we make sure that these cats get a cabin facing a window rather than another cabin. We find

          that most cats relax after 24 hours when they realize that they are in a safe environment with soft music, aromatherapy,

          and caretakers who spoil them almost as much as their folks. We also provide INDIVIDUAL Playroom exercise time so

          that our cat guests never mingle.

Q.  If I supply my own cat food, do I get a discount?

         We request that you supply the food your cat is used to because it will relax and eat sooner with familiar food, and won’t let

         an upset tummy (or diarrhea) which happens if the food is changed abruptly to a food we supply. And, remember, the

         abrupt change upon the return home means you will have to deal with diarrhea at your house! With the huge variety of cat

         food on the rows and rows of shelves at the stores, it would be impossible to store every type available. We are happy to keep

         your cat on its comforting daily diet with your food and any instructions, if necessary. Of course, we keep a small supply of

         canned and dry food on hand just in case you return later than expected…

Q.  I just found out that my cat has Diabetes and needs insulin two times per day.

         Tricia is a trained Veterinary Assistant and has given many insulin injections (and has trained Barry to do the

         same). Please provide the number of needles necessary for each injection and instructions as to the amount to

         be given each time. We have a small refrigerator to store the insulin while your cat is boarding. Your cat will do

         well at the Hideout Cattery, because it will be monitored carefully and will be safe in a non-stressful


Q.  My cat is on medication for infection as well as Thyroid meds. Do you charge for this?
        Yes, depending on the type of medication. Please see the rates page for the exact fees. For us, giving a pill is easier than

        giving a squirt of liquid medication. In the case of a temporary medication, such as an antibiotic, we only charge for the

        number of times left on the dosage. We assume you will give the morning meds on the day we Pick-Up and the evening

        meds on the day we Deliver, therefore we allow for that when figuring the fee.

Q.  My house is taking a long time to be remodeled. Can I visit my cat?
        Of course, you will miss your cat and we encourage you to visit. We ask that you call first to be sure that we are home (and

        not out transporting cats to and from the Cattery). We can set up a schedule, if you like. Cats do very well with visits, as

        opposed to dogs, who get very upset when their owner leaves them behind--again. You can enjoy a stress reducing reunion

        in the Playroom while rocking on the Glider chair with its ottoman. The soft music, your purring cat---and you will

        experience why we love to board cats in our home!

Q.  What if we can’t get back on the date we indicated?

        Just give us a call when you realize you will be coming back earlier or later than originally planned. Since we do have

        limited space, we need to know of any changes in order to accommodate the next cat guests scheduled to board. We will

        work out the financial details when you arrive home again.

Q.  I am a Senior---do you give a discount for Senior Citizens?
        Since we are Seniors too, that just wouldn’t make sense! We are caring for cats because we love ‘em and also because we

        need to supplement our fixed Social Security income. We have designed the boarding facility so that we can physically

        manage caring for cats for years to come.

Q.  This is my first time to board my cat. Do I need to make reservations in advance?
        First of all, we highly recommend that you arrange with us for a tour of our facility. At that time, you may decide to

        make reservations on the spot (most new clients do!). Also, it is good to have a visual of where your cat will be staying

        so that you will know that it will be well cared for. At the same time, you will see that we only have seven cabins. We

        suggest making reservations as soon as you know your travel dates to insure there is a cabin available---especially

        during peak Holiday times.

Q.   What if I have a family emergency. Can you board my cat on short notice?

        We are well aware that life happens! Sometimes there is a sudden illness in the family, an accident, or a funeral---any of

         which requires making arrangements quickly. We have handled these situations many times in our years of boarding

         cats. We will take a little of the stress off your shoulders by quickly setting up to care for your cat(s) on short notice,

         while you make arrangements to attend to your pressing family duties.