In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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The Cat Limo is a convenient, safe, door-to-door “taxi” service between your home and Hideout Cattery. We service all of Cody Country and the Big Horn Basin including BYRON, CLARK, CODY, COWLEY, GREYBULL, LOVELL, MEETEETSE, NORTH FORK, POWELL, RALSTON, SOUTH FORK, and WAPITI.

For clients in such areas as BASIN, RIVERTON, TEN SLEEP, THERMOPOLIS, and WORLAND,

arrangements can be made to meet at a halfway location.

And pet parents in southern Montana, such as BRIDGER, COOKE CITY, and RED LODGE can also take advantage of a halfway meeting place.

We also can make special Pick-up & Delivery arrangements for Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody as well as local hotels and motels.

Our Cat Limo mini-SUV is one of our Pick-Up & delivery vehicles and has been spotted motoring in and around Cody

Our FREE Cat Limo Service eliminates restrictive hours common at most boarding facilities.

  • We are available 7-Days a week!
  • Noon until 9:00 pm, we have a Daily 9-hour window for transporting your cat(s)
  • We can schedule around your airline arrivals and departures.
  • At the agreed Appointment Time, have your cat’s “overnight bag” ready with food, any meds (with instructions), vitamins, treats, favorite toy and something “purrsonal” such as a pillowcase or sock for the smell of home.
  • Remove any cat collars and place your cat in your travel safe, hard-plastic carrier before we arrive.
  • For those that have difficulty getting your cat in a carrier, by pre-arrangement, we will place your cat(s) in your carrier in your home…no extra charge!
  • If you don’t own a suitable carrier, we can use one of ours for the Limo Service.
  • We play soft music and sing along with your cat if they should choose to vocalize.
  • For the return trip, your cleaned carrier, with disposable liner, will sport a personalized I.D. tag.


FREE Pick-Up & Delivery by appointment (available 9 hours daily!)

                MO-SU: Between Noon – 9:00pm

                HOLIDAYS: Limo Service is NOT available on 6 Holidays:

                          New Year’s Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day.

NOTE: If you plan to leave before Noon, we will Pick-Up your cat the day before between Noon-9:00pm. That way, there is less chance your cat will disappear at the last minute on your departure (it happens!)---AND there is no charge for boarding the day before.


We offer transportation to and/or from your Veterinary Clinic while your cat is boarding with us.  For instance, your cat needs its shots updated or has an appointment for any other reason.

We also can "CaTaxi" your cat from your home to the Vet Clinic and return it home again.

We do charge a fee for these services:

               Cat Limo Service from Cattery to Vet Clinic          = $10 each way ($20 round trip)

               CaTaxi Service from you home to Vet Clinic          = $15 each way ($30  round trip)


Our Cat Limo Service does NOT run if there is heavy snowing (blizzard) or icy roads, ESPECIALLY after dark (4:30 pm). Obviously this is for our safety and the safety of the cats being transported.

               PICK-UP SERVICE (When serious weather is predicted)

                         1. Daylight appointments only

                         2. Pick-Up a day earlier---especially if airline flights are involved

                         3. No boarding fee charged for the earlier day,

               DELIVERY SERVICE

                         1. Daylight appointments only

                         2. Delivery of your cat will be made the next day if weather permits.

                         3. The daily fee will be charged as your cat is still in our care

               CLIENT CHOICE (If Cat Limo is not running)

                         1. Client may opt to risk the roads and come to Hideout Cattery to bring in or to collect their cat or cats.

                         2. Arrangements must be made by phone or email for the best time for both Hideout Cattery and the client.

                         3. The Daily 9-hour window for appointments is from: Noon to 9:00 pm

Our 4-wheel drive truck is one of our Pick-Up & Delivery vehicles, so we can transport your cat even if you live off the grid!