In-Our-Home Cat Boarding

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Cats 4 months and older must be neutered or spayed.

Cat owners must show proof of current FVRCP vaccination on their Veterinarian’s receipt or printout. This inoculation pevents the  spread of upper respiratory disease in cats.

                         NO CAT WILL BE ALLOWED TO BOARD without this printed proof

Ask your Veterinarian for a PRINTOUT of the “Reminder Page” when getting vaccinations, then have it for us during your Tour, at your Pick-Up appointment or mail to:  113 Windsor Drive, N., Cody, WY 82414


A Rabies vaccination for a cat by 3 months of age by a licensed veterinarian is required by Wyoming State Law (W.S. 1977---11-31-212, 213)

All cats to be Picked-Up must be in hard plastic, escape-proof carriers. If you do not have one, we will loan you one of ours. This is for the safety of your cat while being transported. Also, in case of an emergency both at the Cattery -OR- at Your Home, these carriers are the ONLY truly escape-proof type approved by FEMA. If you are owned by more than one cat, each cat must be in a separate carrier for ease in handling and clean-up. Your carrier(s) will be I.D. tagged, lined with a disposable liner, and stored under your cat’s cabin while boarding.


Soft, zippered carrier bags are EASILY opened by most cats. We have experienced this more than once!

Please remove your cat’s collar before placing it in its carrier. Cats rub on their cabin door and collar and/or tags could get caught causing fear, pain, and even a choking death.

Provide enough food (and some extra) that the cat is USED to eating. A guilt-ridden upgrade in food only causes digestive discomfort (diarrhea) to your cat during its stay---which will repeat when it returns home to its normal food! Be sure to include any medications (with instructions), vitamins, and treats.

In Case of Emergency, please have a LAND-LINE phone number, if possible, where you can be reached---AND the name & phone number of a LOCAL contact person. Most Veterinarians will not treat a cat without contacting the owner first. Also, a reverse Murphy’s Law states that if we are prepared, no emergencies will arise!

Clients with cats 15 years or older OR with health issues such as diabetes or cancer, must sign an “Age-Health Release” form to be kept on file at the Cattery for instructions in case of emergency care.

We reserve the right to separate cats being boarded together (from the same family) if it becomes necessary for their well-being. The fee will be adjusted from the date of separation.

 Review “10 Tips for Boarding Your Cat”


Monday through Sunday (7 days a week!)

          Noon - 9:00 pm  (a nine-hour window)

We are closed to human visitors on the following 6 Holidays:

          New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day