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A Kennel is for Dogs; A Stable is for Horses; A Cattery is for---you guessed it---Cats. It is a real word (check your dictionary). Not only is that word common in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but it is also very common to find a boarding Cattery in every village. In the USA, not so much.

While living in England for a year (1972-1973), Tricia was able to tour Boarding Catteries of all types and sizes and she brought home pictures and floor plans. However, she had no idea how to build one. Working with cats as a Veterinary Assistant, Shelter Assistant Manager, Animal Control Officer, and her Pet Sitting business gave her the cat care expertise, but it wasn’t until she met Barry Hunter in 1985, that it started to come together. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering, an MBA and, at that time, was a building contractor in the Grass Valley, California area. He became fascinated with designing and building a “cats only” facility. In 1986, “Country Cattery” was launched with a building on their home site. It was successful and so was their relationship, so on Valentine’s Day, 1987, they married and have been Cattery

partners ever since.


Because of the many special features, such as soothing music and aromatherapy and exceptional service, the Country Cattery grew from the original 20 units to 64 units and 5 large suites. Tricia, as a trained Veterinary assistant, was able to give injections and medications to special needs cats and she began to notice that pet parents were choosing her service over the iffy care from a neighbor, friend, or relative. Then after 10 years, Tricia and Barry sold their home and Country Cattery and decided to move out to Wapiti, Wyoming. However, after only 9 months, they felt they had to move back closer to Tricia’s elderly parents who needed their help. It wasn’t long before Tricia wanted to build another boarding cattery, this time in a commercial setting. Again, Barry, although working full-time in construction for a developer, became intrigued with designing and building 90 Log Cabin cat condos with several Playrooms in a 2400 sq. foot commercial space. In 2004, Tricia opened the “Cozy Cattery, Boarding Resort just for Cats” in Reno, Nevada.

After 5 years, the commercial lease was up and the 2008 recession was in full swing in Nevada. It was time to downsize in order to survive. Once again, Barry was called on to design and build a facility by remodeling part of their home. In the meantime, the Cozy Cattery facility was donated to a non-profit Feline Rescue organization. But, before they left it behind, they moved 7 cabins from Cozy Cattery to their house and renamed the in-home boarding facility “Hideout Cattery.” This cattery proved to be very popular for two reasons: (1) Cat people liked having their special kitty cared for in a safe environment day and night and (2) because of neighborhood restrictions, Tricia started a Pick-Up and Delivery cat limo service. Everyone loved this new convenient service.

Then in 2014, Tricia and Barry found they had an opportunity which allowed them to close the Cattery in Reno, sell their home, and move to Cody, Wyoming. Barry was born and raised in Cody and it was a goal for both of them to build their dream house on the outskirts of town. They managed to move the 7 cat cabins and together they designed the house with a special cat room so each cabin has its own window.

Hideout Cattery is now open to the cat people of Park County and the Big Horn Basin. Tricia is offering a tour gift for those who want to check out the Hideout before boarding their furry family member there.

Not only is Cody famous for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, but now it can also boast the ONLY Boarding Cattery in the State of Wyoming!

Tricia & Barry at their first Cattery:


Christmas is a fun time at


Outlaws Tricia & Barry with their Wanted Poster for "HIDEOUT CATTERY”